A couple of months ago I took the decision to reset my blog and start it again from the beginning, creating a more professional computer technology oriented content. I wrote some technical articles and I feel really proud of them, but there was something left, some place where I could write about my thoughts or anything I would think it would deserve it.

Some days ago I make a quick revision of a backed up previous blog where I found some articles I liked very much, some of them with several comments, containing really interesting stuff, and some others that were really crap articles. I started thinking that maybe the restart of the blog was not a good decision, that what my blog really needed was a good clean up and not a complete reset. And that’s what I’ve been doing for a couple of days, recovering articles that I feel are interesting or that made me feel in some special way when I wrote them.

Now I am proud to present this refurbished version of my previous blog and the more recent one. It contains technical content, personal stuff, opinion articles and more written in Spanish and English. To make this change more noticeable, I have decided to give it a new name: dpmWare, just my stuff, nothing else (just to show the influence of my recent blog Debug yourself! Simply code, just that). I’m also planning to apply a new style to the site so maybe you’ll see some changes in a few days.

Of course I will continue writing technical articles and finish some series of articles still pending. I hope you will enjoy these articles at least as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Daniel Pecos Martinez

PS: Happy new year 2012!