Javascript is an old well-known friend that is growing rapidly and gaining traction since Node.js, a command line Javascript interpreter based on Chrome V8 Javascript Virtual Machine, was published. Its community is building great stuff, and more and more companies are moving into this stack, with a high success ratio.

NodeGeekLuckily for me, for my last two professional years I have been involved in one way or another with it, been able to relearn the language and discover its framework. And since not long ago, I’ve been writing articles for a new site where I could focus about this amazing programming stack:

Until this very moment I have post some quite successful posts related to its history or its package system, and many more are almost ready to be published.

So if you are interested in this technology I would suggest you to subscribe to its mailing list in order to be noticed for latest published posts. Or follow its twitter account! And if you think you could collaborate with this project, don’t hesitate to contact me!