Codemotion 2015

Day after Codemotion 2015, this is my overall opinion of the event: meh. Don’t get me wrong, technical sessions have been quite interesting, full of really nice people and organization must have worked really to get the event running. But, in my opinion, this event is dying of success. Way too many assistants, making really hard to walk from one session to another (even having 15 min between them), or having to arrive 30 min before start if you’re intention was to have a nice place to plug your laptop and be able to see the presentation.

Now, speaking about content, it’s really nice to have so much diversity to choose from in every time slot (although sometimes you were force to discard really nice sessions). Personally, I chose to assist to an JVM / Scala track that covered approximately the whole time slots of the first day (and part of the second) without significant overlaps. BTW, really interesting stuff is happening around the JVM, nothing to envy to the Node.js community.

But I also wanted to have a look into different technologies which were newer to me, such as Docker or Big Data. And it’s impressive how much has the technology evolved and what amazing things are people achieving in these fields. Currently, recorded sessions are not yet published already published!, but I’m pretty sure it will be worth taking a look into what I missed.


But as always, the best thing of these events is the people you meet, old and new acquaintances. And, of course, nothing as a good as an old arcade machine and a StreetFighter match in the chill out area to relax and have some fun 😉