In today’s digital world, ensuring the authenticity and security of our communications is more important than ever. PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) and GnuPG (GNU Privacy Guard) are tools designed to provide secure encryption and decryption of data, playing a crucial role in protecting privacy and information. A key component of this security model is the “web of trust,” an informal network of users who verify and sign each other’s public keys.

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It’s been a while (well, years) since I rotated my GPG keys, and to be honest, now that I know better how to handle a GPG key pair in order to avoid master key rotation, I think it’s the time to get a new pair. This tutorial will show you the steps I followed with explanations on what we are achieving in every step. Environment This is the GnuPG version used in this tutorial (if you are using a different version, probably not every command would work the same, but I wouldn’t expect for the concept to change that much):

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