The way you structure your code is a key factor when you define your source code organization. It will make your life easier or miserable, and once this structure is established it will become a really tedious task to redefine it. That’s why you know about the different patterns available and choose the one fits your project best. But, why should I care about modules? Well, is the way Javascript offers to organize and encapsulate your code, and if you don’t think you need to do it, because maybe it’s a small project or you don’t care at all, trust me, you are making a huge mistake!

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The Node.js ecosystem is quite young and prolific: new tools appear almost every day or week, changing and turning upside down your current workflow, always trying to squeeze a little more productivity to your time and effort or simply making your work easier. As an example, take a look on the NodeFramework page, where Azat Mardanov (@azat_co) collects lot’s of frameworks and utilities related to Node.js. Or NodeWebModules, more web oriented than the previous one, from Caio Ribeiro Pereira (@crp_underground).

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