GroovyAs March 11th, Pivotal dropped its financial sponsorship for Groovy, and despite of not really endangering it, as Groovy is an already well established language with a great community backing it, it raised many concerns, as the required boost a platform like this deserves was missing until now. Furthermore, its creator and project leader until lately, Guillaume Laforge, also recently stepped back in order to focus in Restlet.

Also the recent release of Java 8, with the introduction of lambdas into the Java language has increased the interest and traction of Java, making a lot of people question if there were still room for other JVM languages, even more being so closed to Java.

So being worried about Groovy’s future is a normal consequence of this recent events. But don’t forget that this language has been community driven for a long time now, making this changes have a lower impact than initially expected.

So in order to clarify them, moving to the Apache Software Foundation has been a really smart move by the community, and as Cédric Champeu explains, a natural next step in Groovy’s lifetime that will help it weathering those changes.

This backup guarantees the position Groovy has as a trending alternative inside the JVM, making it still the most successful productivity booster and most enjoyable language, compared to the Old Java Language, within the JVM.

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