JCrete 2019

Amazing. That’s the one word summary for this unconference.

It wasn’t my first time in an unconference, although the previous ones were slightly smaller and my experience then wasn’t that satisfactory as the one I’ve had in JCrete. And I have just discovered the key ingredient for a successful unconference: the people.


Because is not only about the technical content of the sessions (which was quite high, don’t get me wrong), but about those interactions during and after the sessions, happening without any planification, as natural as a conversation can be. Probably the most interesting ones are, in fact, those unexpected gatherings happening at random places, like at the beach, or during breakfast, or while trekking to Balos beach, or while snokerkeling in a beautiful location of the island.

And that’s because of the people willing to share, discuss and talk about almost any subject, while being open and friendly to opposite ideas.

Session proposals

I’m really glad that I got the chance to participate in JCrete 2019 (even proposing, as you should do in any unconference, an small session about F.I.R.E, and I hope next year I’ll get the chance to hang out with all the awesome people I’ve met in the beautiful island of Crete.