WordPress plugin that displays a box in the “Add New Post” page that allows you to quickly translate any text from and to different languages.

Its purpose is to assist you when you are writing in a different language other than your mother tongue and you need to use a translation service as quickly as possible.


WP-Translation-Box in the "Add New Post" page
WP-Translation-Box in the “Add New Post” page
Settings page
Settings page
  • thehung

    Hi, could you make shortcode for this translation box? I want to display it on widget or post. Thank you a lot!

  • Beattie

    Hi, this is fantastic, thank you for your work on this plug-in.

    • http://danielpecos.com/ Daniel Pecos Martínez

      Hi! Thank to you for the encouragement!

  • Cam4.com

    can you please make a button “send translated text to Editor”

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