Coursera Functional Programming has not been my first experience in an online course, but it has been the most satisfying by far. Many people were interested in it, and I think it created a great hype, not only in the course forums but in social networks like twitter. People all around the world were interacting in the same course, creating really interesting conversations and discussions about the subject. Really nice.

Technically speaking, the course has consisted in an introduction Functional Programming principles and a more in deep look to the Scala language. But, in my opinion, one of the key points in this course was the lessons format: between 1 hour and 1.5 per week of video and slides from the professor Martin Odersky and one home assignment.

The difficult of the assignments were in crescendo, making them a really funny challenge every week (I remember a couple of days staying up until really late at night because I was in flow with the current assignment and didn’t want to stop it).

In conclusion, high quality content, teacher and classmates, really interesting stuff about FP and Scala and, more important, a really satisfying experience (nothing compared to the online course I took at the UNED, and for what I paid a considerable amount of money).

PD: Did I mention that this Coursera FP & Scala course was for free? Thank you very much Coursera and Pr. Martin Odersky (and stuff)!

Looking forward to a continuation course!