I just got home after enjoying a couple of days in the PAPIs.io Connect conferences in Valencia. And they’ve been great! There have been sessions about Machine Learning, Deep Learning, APIs, AI, BigData and many more. Oh, and there have been drones too. To summarize, the ecosystem surrounding BigData and AI technologies is amazing and currently is really on fire. In my humble opinion, I think this quote from Ramón López de Mántaras’s keynote “Past, Present and Future of AI: A fascinating journey” describes the energy and enthusiasm that people working in AI and BigData transmit when they talk about the matter:

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Codemotion 2015

Day after Codemotion 2015, this is my overall opinion of the event: meh. Don’t get me wrong, technical sessions have been quite interesting, full of really nice people and organization must have worked really to get the event running. But, in my opinion, this event is dying of success. Way too many assistants, making really hard to walk from one session to another (even having 15 min between them), or having to arrive 30 min before start if you’re intention was to have a nice place to plug your laptop and be able to see the presentation.

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